Websites for Celebrants

For over eight years now I have been designing and building websites for celebrants, and I have built quite a few!

Are you a celebrant looking for your first website, or are you an established celebrant who wants a faster, mobile friendly, professional website? If you are, read on.

Wedding Celebrant Websites

The internet is the place to find celebrants as many looking to have a wedding or get married find their suppliers online, including their celebrant. A mobile friendly, fast loading, eye catching, informative and professional website is one of the business tools a celebrant requires. Sure you can hope to rely on social media for gaining most bookings, but what if social media went down as it has a few times? Are you willing to place your business at the mercy of others?

Wedding celebrants can also link back to other trusted suppliers who in turn will share your links. Unlike social media feeds, these links can be easily found on a website.

Funeral Celebrant Websites, Do You Need One?

Years ago the answer would have been no, as those who are planning a funeral were less likely to shop around online for a celebrant. Now many funeral celebrants are benefiting from having a website. It gives fellow funeral suppliers the chance to find you if they are looking for local or specialist celebrants such as Humanists, Pagan Celebrants or those within another area.

Like a wedding celebrant, it gives those looking for a celebrant an opportunity to see if you are right for them based on what they see and read on your website. So much more practical than a name and a phone number on a white business card.

Your Website is Your Shop Window

Most celebrants are professionally trained even though currently there isn’t any legislation within England and Wales requiring this. Training ensures you are knowledgeable, prepared to lead ceremonies, professional, confident and offer tailor made ceremonies. Your website should reflect all these factors.

Every website I have built for celebrants has been tailor made and unique. Showcasing them as a professionally trained person who will write a personalised ceremony for all who seek them. None of them have been the same, as I do not use drag and drop templates and generic stock images found on many other celebrant’s websites.

If you want customers to come into your shop, ensure your window display is exciting and inviting.

Websites for Celebrants

Professionally Built or D.I.Y?

  • Have you any experience of building a website?
  • Have you any experience of running a website?
  • Do you understand SEO?
  • Who will host your website?
  • Will it look professional?
  • Will it work on mobile?
  • How long will it take to load?
  • What happens if my site goes offline or won’t work properly?
  • What are the future costs?

All of these are important things to consider when weighing up the pros and cons of a professionally built celebrant website over a free build it yourself one or a website built from a relative or friend with limited experience. In these expensively financial times, can you afford a website or will a free one do the job? Sure a free one may look ok, but what is the purpose of your website, to look adequate or to make you money? All businesses require a marketing budget and a start up budget, any cost of a website should come from these budgets.

If you aren’t confident with technology, is it a good idea to even attempt to try to build your own website? As a professional photographer as well as a web designer and graphic designer, I wouldn’t build my own camera to save money regardless of how many tutorials I watch as my clients need to see that I am serious about my business. When they trust you as a professional from the first impression of your business, it’s only a matter of time before bookings come in and your website has paid for itself. An amateurly built free website won’t grow your business, in fact it could prevent it from taking off or growing.

You Only Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

Blog Based Websites are Essential

Blogging is another essential business tool as blogs are informative and can be found by online searches for services or items. Your website should include a blog which is regularly added to. Blogging is like sending a letter to masses of people and it gets your website higher rankings on search engines if your site has the required SEO.

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Your website is your silent staff member, working 24/7 on your behalf. If you would like a chat about your website, please contact me and together we can make your business found.