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4 Things That Make an Awesome Website Design

You may be taking your first steps into creating your first website, or you have had one for a while, Either way we all one thing from a website is results. We want enquires that generate us business and sales that bring in the cash. You can DIY it by finding a template online that …

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Business Benefits of Blogging

What are the benefits of blogging for your business?The short answer is … lots!This article will give you some of the best ways to write your own business blog. Google Loves Content … but not just any old content.You might think the content on your web pages is sufficient content for Google and other search …

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Do You Need a Website

Do You Need a Website?

A website is a business tool, your 24/7 staff member, your business calling card, your shop window and the internet premises of your business. Do you need a website? Social Media Social media is an incredible business tool for many businesses. It’s fast, it’s global, it’s interactive, it’s relatively easy for most to use, it …

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blog is not a fout letter word

Why is Blogging Important

So, why is blogging important? From experience whenever I refer to writing a blog, many seem offended by the mere mention of the ‘b’ word. Offensive words are strong, descriptive and powerful. They are words which are deemed to be disrespectful, unpleasant words making some people cringe with uncomfortable disapproval when heard. They are commands; …

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website page speed

Why Website Page Speed is Important

Why the Speed of your Website is Important to your Customers If you are old enough to remember dial up, you will know of the pain of waiting minutes to connect, a slow page speed was the norm. When you did connect after 3 attempts you would wait minutes for the page you wanted to …

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Websites for Celebrants

For over eight years now I have been designing and building websites for celebrants, and I have built quite a few! Are you a celebrant looking for your first website, or are you an established celebrant who wants a faster, mobile friendly, professional website? If you are, read on. Wedding Celebrant Websites The internet is …

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